Don’t forget about Google…

You can tweet all you want, but research shows 58% of consumers start their research into a product or company with an online search. Will they find you? What will they find? And when 40% of consumers take the next step and use social media to further their decision making process, will they find you there?

Its important to think about your consumers’ interaction with you and your company holistically. Where do they look for you? What will they expect to find there? Its very well to have a slick intro video on your front page, but if your typical consumer comes looking for technical background on your products and its buried in a sub-menu somewhere, your website failed. If your company wants to appear cutting edge but your letterhead looks like its from an accounting firm in 1994, your printed materials failed.

The impression you make in the first 5 seconds matter. We can help you make those first 5 seconds work for you.

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